About Me

I am an artist from the UK. I have a long history and connection with art with relatives on my Fathers side all being artists. 
My Grandfather was a captain of a Navy Ship called the HMS Knight Errant, He used to travel the world and draw and paint as he travelled.  We are lucky to have in our possession a number of his works, from ocean scenes to paintings of chinese villages painted on wood. His Father, my Great Grandfather had watercolours in the Royal Academy in London.

So I am following in the family tradition. I pursued my passsion for art by taking a foundation course at college to broaden my knowledge and aquire new skills, I achieved the highest qualification which led me to specialise my skills at University in Wales where I took a degree in Art and Design, and later followed this up with a Masters Degree.

Whilst continuing my passion for art, I am also a trainee teacher.  I want to share what I have learnt with others and inspire them to go on and create beautiful things. 

Mostly I draw animals and fantasy work, preferring traditional mediums of watercolours and pencil to more modern digital methods. I tend to draw both cartoon and realism in my art and never get bored of learning new techniques to improve my style.